7 Figure Website Book

Whether you want to start a consulting business from scratch, launch an online coaching business, create a secondary million dollar consulting business out of your practice or scale your existing business to 7 figure and more, this book presents all the required tools and steps to create a successful, million dollar and more, online consulting business.

From bootstrapping to scaling, this book will cover all the levels of knowledge you need to acquire to build a million dollar coaching or consulting business. Slavica Bogdanov covers topics such as reaching the first $10K per month benchmark and leaping to $50k per month,  powerful sales scripts, hiring who and when, developing leadership skills, marketing on a low budget, managing teams, finding your niche, knowing which digital products to create, writing and publishing your book to build notoriety and authority, building a high paying clientele, using social media the right way and which social media to leverage first, and more.

in this day in age, building a successful online business is vital. With uncertainty due to Covid and the evolution of business dealings, those who do not open an online business or create a secondary online automated cash machine are most likely to perish. 

"If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business."— Bill Gates

Slavica bootstrapped her first million dollar online consulting business in 2013. It took her one year to do it on her own, missing a lot of the vital elements she shares in this book. She learned a lot since and knows how an online million dollar business can be build in less than a year, even from scratch. And she wants to help you do so.

5 times best selling author, international speaker, business strategic and film producer Slavica Bogdanov is a Self Made Millionaire building 7 figure businesses since 2007.

She is a 7 figure expert, helping realtors, brokers, coaches, physical trainers, teachers and professionals, practitioners and consultants build a successful secondary automated online consulting 7 figure online automated cash machine. https://slavicabogdanov.com

Here are some of the covered topics?

  • Why it is vital now more than ever to have an online consulting business for any types of business (from retail to real estate, coach to plastic  surgeons)
  • Building Big Goals and Why
  • The Million Dollar Mindset
  • You either want to be rich or you will end up poor
  • Taming the inner demons and mastering your mindset before your doubts take over and control you
  • Use your published business book to increase your sales and how to write one in less than 90 days  
  • Eliminate cold calls with Automated systems  
  • The steps to a perfect sales calls that closes high ticket deals  
  • How to generate $50,000 per month from the Get-go  
  • Catastrophic mistakes to avoid when generating more sales  
  • Time mastery to never get overwhelmed.  
  • 6 to 7 figures: the necessary processes and systems  
  • When to hire and who first - the major learning curve  
  • Mastering your Leadership skills  
  • Website and Digital Content strategy and why most people have it wrong.
  • Leverage the power of Marketing  the right way 
  •  A Million a Year to a Million a Month  
  • A done for you solution.

Extra Bonus

  • Access to online practical tools 
  • Invitation to a Facebook Private Book 
  • 7 Steps to 7 Figures Cheat Sheet 
  • 10 Day Leadership Challenge