An Affair in the Greek Islands | Screenplay

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During a trip to the Greek Islands, an impressionable young woman discovers her newfound sexuality with a mysterious multimillionaire and the hidden price of pleasure.

Theme is: Is it better to live a safe secure life or to take risks and live life with love and passion.

Act 1: Stefany (24) impressionable people pleaser, quits her high paying job in Atlanta, Georgia to experience sailing in Greece. She hates her job as a marketing brand manager and dreams of becoming a photographer instead. She doesn't want to be forced to do something she doesn't like, just to get a paycheck. 

She meets Andrew (39), a multimillionaire who needs a crew to help him on board.

They rapidly develop a lusty sensual sexual relationship while sailing and visit spectacular locations in the Greek Islands. 

She rapidly falls in love with him.

Act 2: While cleaning the galley, she comes across a loving email from Andrew's wife, send the same day. She accuses him of lying but he explains that he has to lie to her until he comes back home and gets divorced. 

They continue in their love affair until the summer, when it is quasi impossible to sail in Greece before of the heat and the wind. He accompanies her to the Athens airport. 

As she hears the boarding call, he drops a bomb on her. He cannot divorce because he loves his stable life too much.

A steamy hot romance sailing in the Greek islands? 

He is afraid of losing someone he got used to, that he knows since kindergarten, but where the passion is going to take a risk and start a relationship with someone he loves passionately but doesn't offer much security.

Act3: Stefany returns home and meets John, a man she wanted to go out with for years, that she met at kindergarten, but never dared asking him. He asks her and they start dating.

Back home, Andrew's wife asks for a divorce. 

Stefany find security and stability with John even if he isn't as passionate as Andrew. She becomes most assertive and gains confidence in herself.

Stefany calls her old job, offering them to be a photographer for the marketing department and they accept.

Andrew, desperate, flies over to Atlanta to get Stefany back.

She is packing to leave with John for a romantic getaway when she sees him. He begs her to come back to her. She refuses and leaves with John.

In the most beautiful Georgia parks, John opens up and asks her to marry him. He offers her stability security just like her job. 

Will she say yes? What would you do? 

The movie ends without her answering. It provokes the viewers' imagination, leaving them to decide what they would do. Also, it opens for a possible part 2.