Increase exponentially your sales

Top salesperson and business development coach for over 25 years Slavica's 12 week training will help you exponentially increase your revenue in less time. Her proven strategies have helped hundreds double their sales by increasing their closing rate, unusual marketing strategies and saving 2 extra hours a day.

Increase exponentially your sales

12 week advance sales training specifically designed to exponentially boost your sales.

This course is great if you are in MLM, real estate, starting a business or in sales of your products or services (even coaches will learn a lot)

This training aims to answer the following questions and resolve these problems:

  • Develop your negotiating skills
  • How and where to find more customers
  • How to stand out from your competition
  • Close less than 75% of sales (and I know the reason why you think this is not possible)
  • Always make the same ads as all others and want to be different
  • Want to be top seller without knowing how or where to start
  • How to keep your potential customers
  • How to find the balance between work, family and leisure
  • And more...

Results to be expected:

  • Increase your sales closing rate
  • More qualified leads
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Create a deep connection with your client which will make him your ambassador and refer you more clients
  • Reduce your work load
  • Maximize your time, learn to prioritize
  • Get a minimum of one more free hour per day
  • Harmonize relationships with your family and balance your work and family life
  • Feel more overall relaxed and in control
  • Spend less in advertising
  • Manage your money so you can save and reinvest more
  • Learn to problem solve more easily not to get caught in emotional draining drama
  • And more

Sell more. Save more. Live more.

If you change your mind, you will get a full refund. No questions asked.

You can ask for a refund after the 1st lesson. If you chose to continue to lesson 2, we will consider you are satisfied.

IsabelleIsabelle, Realtor


SLAVICA simplified my life. I heard of her in early 2014 by word of mouth. One of my professional relationships used her training, and was very satisfied with it. Her presentation awakened in me unconscious needs, highlighting the time I lost for lack of an effective organization. The implementation was done in a simple and fast way, accompanied by relevant micro-training requiring an acceptable time of participation. The time saved was very quickly obvious, it is difficult to quantify, but allows me to no longer search right and left for information about a client, an operation, a file or other. There really was a before and after. For me, she has been admirable for helping the organization and a good listening and a good approach. My collaborators were also seduced, and the training was for them a revelation. For us, it's an effective person for our future.


JCJC, Real estate broker


I take the opportunity to thank you, because we worked on a lot on aspects that I did not think. And I think it's very good! It's amazing, I think I better know myself, because I learned to listen to myself and especially to discover my current life.  Being more calm, my thoughts seem more real and driven by a desire to be better and therefore good for me. Today I want to live fully every second, I want to laugh as many times as there are minutes in a life, I want to love everyone who deserves it and spend real moments with them. I want to work in pleasure and harmony, I want to continue a healthy life, full of pleasure. I want to become a master of silence, because it makes me feel good, I naturally want to be tolerant and accept all the differences, even those who do not think like me, I want to feel that good things in me, I want all my thoughts are positive and that the little rambling disappears from my head ... I want to enjoy all the happiness and comfort that I already have .... My goals for 2014 are changing. The transition will take a bit of time, because I need it, but it will be fine. It's going to be a real success. Congratulations, you have changed a man into a lot better!


Slavica's experience

I worked 25 years in sales as well as marketing development manager and coaching a hundreds of salespeople.

I know the big problems in this hyper competitive world and want to share my knowledge and experience so that you can exceed your sales goals and live a more relaxed life without having to run after the customers.

I spent more than 25 years in sales and I also helped hundreds see more sellers to blow up their sale. There are ways I can develop and others I've learned that will help you find customers wherever you go.


I will share techniques I used over and over that made me the top salesperson in very competitive markets, every single time. They used to call me "shark" as nothing survived my sales pitch. The CEOs used to say "if Slavica can't sell it, no one can sell it".

This is an intensive training. You will learn a lot in a very little amount of time. So put on your running shoes... Plan on speeding on your path to success!

What you will learn?

Week 1: Define your sales obectives

You can only earn what you plan and anticipate. Regardless of the objectives of the business owners, you need to have a clear vision of the amount you personally want to have in your pockets at the end of the month.

We will start a goal planning so that you have a start of the path of immediate prosperity.

You will have a concrete action to take during the week that will help you accelerate your income increase.

If you feel this training is not for you, you will be able to get a full refund at this point.

Week 2: Find new clients

Cold calling is not funny at all and how to know where to start to find new prospects and clients without getting into a burn out. We will learn different methods and proven effective techniques.

You will have a set of specific actions to take during the week to find at least one new potential customer (if not three or five)

Week 3: Increase your self confidence

Everyone needs to develop their self-confidence, and ib sales, it's a matter of life and death! It will never be the smartest person, the most beautiful, the most educated .. who wins but the one who is the most confident. The others give up.

You will be overflowing with confidence and energy at the end of this course and will have a practical exercise to win a sales contract.

Week 4: Your USP

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is used in marketing development to find the unique qualities of a product or service to put them forward and stand out.

In this class, you will dig deep into your inner self and find what is special about you, which can help you stand out and make sure that customers remember you.

As you know customers buy your "why", they buy with their emotions, not their minds. You need to know how to connect to your potential client to a deeper level in order to have them trust you, remember you and buy from you.

You will get a powerful practical exercise to help you practice this new person that you will become: exceptional and unforgettable. Plus I will give you a particular unusual tip that I've always used and that works 100% of times.

Week 5: Get rid of negative thoughts and fears

In this class, you will learn how to deal with your fears, uproot them, annihilate them and even move forward in spite of fear.

You will learn to tell the difference between false fears and real fear. You will learn to control your thoughts through daily practices that will clear your mind, reduce the number of unuseful thoughts and reduce tremendously your stress level.

Week 6: Managing refusals and turning them into "yes"es

I'm going to give you unprecedented techniques to make sure that you're completely comfortable with the potential "no" and also a very unique way to never have to deal with refusals anymore.

You will have a practical exercise to become an excellent salesman who does not know what '' no '' means when it comes from a potential customer.

Week 6: Managing refusals and turning them into "yes"es

I'm going to give you unprecedented techniques to make sure that you're completely comfortable with the potential "no" and also a very unique way to never have to deal with refusals anymore.

You will have a practical exercise to become an excellent salesman who does not know what '' no '' means when it comes from a potential customer.

Week 7: Finding client part 2

To start the second part of this course in style, we will learn how to attract even more customers, new ones. Good ones.

How to pick them up and make sure they sign and buy.

Plus, a practical exercise to find you at least one new client.

Week 8: Family/work Balance

You will learn how to organize your schedule, manage your schedule.

The goal is to earn you at least an hour more per day! What would you do with an extra hour?

In this class, you will learn how to find the time to do everything and balance leisure family, friends and work.

Through this course you will discover more harmony and peace as well as the happiness of spending more time with those you love.

Week 9: Manage your finances

In this course, you will learn the basics of financial management to help you increase your savings (no matter how much you earn) and attract more opportunities to make more money.

You will never win more until you know how to handle what you have.

Week 10: Spiritual Laws of Success

Whether you believe it or not, certain universal laws manage the smooth running of operations. And whether you believe it or not, I'm 100% sure that you will benefit from this course!

Billionaires use these laws, why wouldn't you?

I had a coaching client, who, following a class like this one, started to work only 20% of the time and closed 90% of her prospects. So, it's worth it!

What would you do if you did not have to go but the customers came to you?

Week 11: How to close 75% of your sales

In this course you will learn how to get to 75% closing sales and therefore drastically increase your income.

 In addition, you will learn through this course a method to win any arguments. You will lose your time and money if you do not know how to close a sale.

If you do not close 75% of your sales, this section alone is worth the price of the 12 weeks.

Week 12: More marketing tools and strategies

Every course is pretty intensive and sharpen your pencils for this one. I want to rock your socks off! I want you to have so many techniques that selling becomes as easy as blinking an eye.

You need this if you want to make a prosperous career in sales.

And for those of you who have been in the business for years, you will still learn so many new marketing strategies that you will be blown away.

** We will also discuss social media strategies to get you noticed. What is the most cost (and time) effective.

One single payment of $997 or 3 payments of $333

Can you afford not investing in your success?


  • Action item every week that you can immediately incorporate and see results
  • Training is recorded so you can listen to it as many times as needed
  • Practical lessons so you get a maximum of tools ("how to") usual every day
  • Inspiration and motivation to push you to excel
  • 60 to 90 minutes of intensive training full of useful tools that will serve for the rest of your carreer
  • You will make more money!

Gain at least an hour of free time each day. Plus increase your sales by at least 50% in 12 weeks. No risk training. Guaranteed results!

Sales training starts September 30th 2019. Book now as seats are limited!

I started having a period of lack, troubles and problems repeatedly. August 27, 2013 I did not know what to do, continue to try or drop everything, close my eyes forever ....

That day, I came across the videos of Slavica Bogdanov. Hope to change the course of my life was there in front of me and I decided to hang on to this one and only hope of survival. I threw a bottle to the sea by sending a distress email to that person ... and oh surprise! Slavica herself answered me ... the same day ... and she agreed to help me ... I hung like a patient with this outstretched hand ... I had nothing to lose .... I spent a sleepless night, I could not believe it, this person did not know me, she lived in Montreal, she responded in person to these emails, and she agreed to come to my rescue ...

Then, little by little, I followed with complete implication all the instructions Slavica gave me. I gave her ABSOLUTE TRUST, I was a little skeptical at the beginning and then as I had nothing to lose I decided to follow all hertips SCRUPULOUSLY ...

And it works! .... I am now having fun creating my ideal lifestyle. Thank you Slavica, thank you to love and thank you for my life.

And then very quickly my situation changed dramatically, checks arrived in my mailbox ... My professional activity now gives me complete satisfaction I managed to reach my entire 2013 year goals in just 4 months.

My family life is wonderful and 2014 presents itself under the best hospices. So, do not wait to have your head under water, call on SLAVICA BOGDANOV, she is simply EXCEPTIONAL. Trust her ... and your dreams will come true, I am living proof that it works! ...

Take the first step towards Slavica ... .This is the only coacth that can change your life if you entrust it to her... Her action should be recognized by the medical profession ... because she saved me ...

Slavica: Thank you for your support, thank you for being in my life and most of all, thank you for answering my call. I owe you a great part of my well-being and my evolution of the last months, for the best.

I wish you all the chance to know Slavica Bogdanov!


Aiette, Realtor

Perhaps the last sales training you will need.

Take advantage of my 25+ years in sales coaching hundreds of sales people with success they never even thought they could have!

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This course will be paid off so quickly. Imagine selling one more house because of this training? My intention is to have you at least double your sales this year (just like all my previous clients)