Sendler's Children Screenplay

pre-sale. product will be available in 2022.

Based on the true story of Irena Sendler who helped save 2500 children from the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII. A compelling story who intends to inspire us all to the knowledge that we can all make a difference by doing the right thing.

The Screenplay by award winner Slavica Bogdanov has been critically acclaimed: 

" Well written, incredibly visual and heartbreaking, very emotional, excellent, startling".

                       - Finish Line Screenplay Competition

"It’s well-written, has some pretty decent pacing within, the character, Irena, is strong and most importantly, likeable."

                       -The Blue Cat Screenplay competition

We are producing the historical drama "Sendler's Children" based on the true story of Irena Sendler who helped save 2500 children from the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII. 

Audiences world wide seek movies based on true stories that are moving, deep and thought provoking.  Female lead roles are rare and highly sought after, especially in movies depicting WWII events. Audiences seek movies that are character and story driven, both being deep and layered. 

Our goal is to create a film that is commercially marketable to large audiences worldwide via through theatrical exhibition, DVD/home video, pay per-view, cable broadcast and foreign sales.

From Slamdance Film Festival: 

"This is a noble story that deserves to be told. Her story is a remarkable one that in many ways writes itself. The second and third acts are the strongest as we can feel the fear and visualize the lives at risk during Irene’s incredible feat. Overall, the story is a remarkable one will make for a meaningful film."

Finish Line Screenplay Competition:

" Well written, incredibly visual and heartbreaking, very emotional, excellent, startling".


The Blue Cat Screenplay competition:​​


"It’s well-written, has some pretty decent pacing within, the character, Irena, is strong and most importantly, likeable."




Best Original Screenplay at Festigious International Film Festival, 2017

Winner of Best Original Screenplay at the Paris Play International Film Festival, 2017.

Quarter Finalist at the Finish Line Screenplay competition, 2017.

Best Original Screenplay at Grove Film Festival, 2017.

Official Finalist at the Barcelona International Film Festival, 2017.

Award of Recognition at the TMC London Film Festival, 2017.

Honorable Mention at Williamfest 2017

Best Screenplay winner at the Near Nazareth Film Festival 2017

Shore scripts coverage

There is no question Irena Sendler’s story would make a compelling movie. It is surprising this story has never been told as a feature film, and because this is a story with a strong female lead and a positive message,
there is certainly a possibility that it will eventually get made.

Your script in particular has a lot going for it. You have painstakingly retold the details of Irena’s heroic acts, setting them within the context of the brutal treatment of the Jews by the Nazis during WWII, and you have used
the framework of Irena’s friendship with Rachel as a way of humanizing this story, and thus making it more accessible to your audience. You have included many specific elements of Irena’s life, including a complicated
relationship with her husband, who is initially unsupportive of her efforts, but thankfully realizes what a hero he is married to. Most pointedly, you have depicted the Nazis as horrific villains, and Stefan as a character that
makes a complete change throughout the movie, and this will be fascinating for audiences to witness.

The success or failure of this screenplay will be based on whether your reader, and then your audience, can connect with Irena and is able to experience her heroic journey along with her, and feel a sense of accomplishment as she reaches her goals. You have been pretty successful here in illustrating the character of Irena.


The character of Stefan is an equally fascinating character, especially because he goes from SS Officer to helping Irena escape death in the course of this movie.


It will always be tough to market a period piece, but WWII movies have always somehow still found rapt audiences. Also, you have in Irena’s story a strong female protagonist, and a true tale of perseverance and victory
over almost insurmountable odds. This is a powerful, true accounting of a life that deserves to be remembered. For that reason this movie might find a buyer and an audience fascinated by this remarkable woman.


A true story that sounds like a made-up story is always a good basis for a feature film. And there have been few films about WWII that portray a woman heroine, no less a woman as formidable as Irena Sendler. So there
is no doubt this would make a compelling film.


You seem to have a good grasp of details about Irena’s life that have likely

The closest film we can compare Sendler's Children to is Schindler's list. The story is very similar except for the important part that Sendler is a female protagonist. 

There haven't been many female driven holocaust movies. Even Zookeeper's Wife's story revolves around a couple and not a woman lead. The only similar movie with a female lead is Sophie's Choice. 

Schindler's List grossed $96 Million domestic and $321 Million world wide, Zookeeper's Wife $20 Million while Sophie's Choice $30 Million (in 1982)

There is definitely a need for a female driven based on a true story holocaust feature.

The proposal seeks financing for our film which is budgeted at $20 million US dollars. As a story, it will appeal to a wide demographic of consumers from young and to particularly the mature movie going audience. 

Through our film we offer investors ROI, return on their investments, a high end product with the possibility of higher returns especially if first one in. The unique nature of film allows for a broad range of market exposure that reaches not only the United States, Europe but the world and in doing so will continue to provide returns for the life of the film.

Writer and Producer Slavica Bogdanov is a 17 time award winner with an outstanding world wide career as an entrepreneur, best selling author, international speaker, real estate investor and business development coach. 

Her extensive business development experience is an asset as she writes with powerful story and ROI in mind.

We have interest of a Polish producer to co-produce this film.​

We also may be eligible for up to 25% film tax rebates from the Polish Government.