Soul Searching Screenplay

pre-sale. product will be available in 2021

The story

A woman's soul reincarnates in order to acquire desired human qualities. She will chose the quality and will have to experience the hardships attached for each one as a quality cannot be acquired without the "life" experience. She will be helped in her quest by her guardian Angel Michael.

In every episode, she will live in a different time in history, a different location in the world or universe.

From 18 time awarded screenwriter Slavica Bogdanov.

Executive Summary

We are producing the faith based "Soul Searching" TV Series where a woman's soul seeks new human qualities by experiencing life's hardships. 

Audiences world wide seek intelligent thought provoking series. Series like "the Game of thrones", even if not on the same topic, draw audiences because of the surprise and unexpecting outcomes, the battle of forces and the quest for power.  "Quantum Leap" had a huge success because of the surprising stories that would capture the viewer every week. "Touched by an Angel" was very successful because of the weekly reminder of God"s love and forgiveness, a message of hope that keeps viewers coming back for the re-runs.

Audience worldwide are drawn to faith based themes and yet no powerful faith based TV series that would be as captivating and surprising as "Game of Thrones", "Westworld" or "Quantum Leap" has been created yet. Movies like "The Shack", "Dog's Purpose", "Miracles rom Heaven". That's also the reason why Lionsgate just purchased the rights to "I Can Only Imagine" (

Faith based drama is huge and we wanted to offer inspiring content with unexpected twists and turns (as life offers us) in order to keep the viewer coming back for more.

Interestingly enough, in Miracles from Heaven" we already knew (from the trailer) what the outcome of the movie would be and yet audiences were drawn to the message of hope anyway. We also wanted to offer an inspiring message of hope, compassion and greater purpose to keep the viewer coming back for reruns.

For those who imply that "faith based" automatically means "Catholic" as many do, it doesn't and even if it did, some statistics show that 25% of Catholics believe in reincarnation even if it is not biblical. Let's remind ourselves that the larger part of the world is not Catholic but dwells in religions accepting reincarnation. And New thought spiritual practices do, as well.

Audiences seek movies that are character and story driven, both being deep and layered. Also, there is trend for more Female lead roles in the industry. 

Our goal is to create a TV Series that will last because of its variety in content, surprise endings and inspirational messages. We created a product that is commercially marketable to large audiences worldwide.


This TV series can be compared to "The Shack", "Dog's Purpose" or "Miracles from Heaven".

Because of some "self development" type dialogues, we can also compare it to "Peaceful Warrior".

There aren't currently any similar faith based TV series on the market. We can compare it to "Quantum Leap" and "Touched by an Angel".

"The Shack" grossed $94 Million world wide, "Miracles from Heaven" grossed $74 million world wide. "Dog's Purpose" grossed 196 Million world wide. "Peaceful Warrior" grossed 222 Million world wide.

"Quantum Leap" had six seasons and 110 episodes.

"Quantum Leap" final Episode in 1993 was viewed by 13 Million households.

Watched by a large audience of 18-49 years old.

Won 16 awards and was nomintaded for 43 more.

"Touched by an Angel" had 212 episodes 9 Seasons (from 1994 to 2003) with an average of 15 Million viewers per episode, 15% of the Market share.

"ATLANTA—September 18, 2012 – GMC TV, America’s favorite channel for uplifting family entertainment, announced today that its “Touched by an Angel” premiere marathon (Sept. 15-16) generated the highest weekend ratings in the network’s history in households, W25-54 and A25-54 (Nielsen LSD SS 7a-3a 09/27/10-09/16/12 Cov AA% and AA (000))."

Watched by a wide audience of 18-54 years old.

Won 26 awards, nominated for 3 Golden Globes and 45 more.

As we can see, there is definitely a need for a faith based drama TV series.


Writer and Producer Slavica Bogdanov is a 18 time award winner with an outstanding world wide career as an entrepreneur, best selling author, international speaker, real estate investor and business development coach. 

Her extensive business development experience is an asset as she writes with powerful story and ROI in mind.