The Pact Screenplay

Think CRUEL INTENTIONS meets BLACK MIRROR Set in Miami in 2028, "The Pact" a very unique crime thriller (and a hint of sci-fi and even comedy) about 3 emotionless millennium females who make a pact to have babies to get more likes on social media.



Miami 2028, 3 young women in their twenties relax at the pool side of a luxury Miami residence : Summer (a bossy voluptuous blonde, DJ a dark femme fatale and Taylor a boyish vegan smoker) . Female Voice Over: “I finally found a clever way to kill her. It wasn't easy. I needed the perfect alibi. And then, before it happened, I hesitated. She wasn't the nicest person, far from it. But she had some weird kind of kindness. When it came time to do it, I second guessed myself. But it had to happen. It was the only way.  The only way I could get the story I wanted...”

Summer forces Patrick (Taylor's love) to brake up with her, for the fun of seing her reaction and hopefully filming it for more likes. Patrick is a twenty year old handsome even if a little plastic. The best sexual partner Summer ever had. He knows it as he says he was programmed to deliver. Taylor is devastated by the break up over text, 

For their vacation, Summer decided best to go to Bora Bora as it's the most trending. During their trip, Summer suggest they do something extreme to get even more followers: get pregnant. They are pressured in making a pact even if Taylor finds the idea repugnant.  Taylor will suffer a miscarriage and get a dog instead. This change infuriates Summer as she finds her child horribly looking and not bringing her any more followers where as Taylor's dog...

Summer constantly complain about her son as he cries all the time where as DJ's daughter is perfectly cute. A night of extreme desperation, Summer enters her son's bedroom. A hand on the baby's mouth. Summer taking even more sleeping pills. The next day, the peaceful serenity is short lived when Summer discovers her baby is dead. The police investigation rules out murder and it looks as if the baby suffocated in his sleep. Summer is devastated and cares less and less about her social media likes. She bonds more and more with Taylor who's dog accidentally got his neck entangled in cables and choked to death reminding Taylor of her mother's suicide. Shocked, Taylor switches to a much more feminine attire. 

Patrick apologizes to Taylor for the break up. He was duped by Summer he says and he was told the baby was his even if that seemed impossible. He is also devastated by the death of his alleged son. Summer terminated the relationship since she didn't need him as a father anymore. 

Taylor and Summer bonds grow deeper as DJ's jealousy grows stronger. She finally explodes in a fit of rage and drunkenness admitting that she secretly loved Summer all along, Coming out  as a lesbian who only wanted to please Summer in the hopes she would one day reciprocate. 

She confronts Summer threatening her with a gun. Taylor appears from Summer's bedroom, enraging DJ even more.  Patrick walks in searching for Taylor and witnesses the scene. Everything's so fast. Shots fired, darkness, light. shots fired. 

In the hospital, Taylor recovers quickly from a shot she received while Summer heals slower. It appears DJ shot herself after trying to kill both women. The media are all over this story and Taylor and Summer are more famous then they could ever imagine.

Taylor visits Summer at the residence and offers her some pain killers. She leaves in time. Summer dies leaving a suicide note behind admitting to killing her own child. 

Taylor relaxes in front of the TV, drinking beer with Patrick. He congratulates her on winning by killing Summer and DJ. He also points out how clever she was of killing Summer's child but was it necessary?

Taylor recollects how she duped both women by creating a false pregnancy with a pillow. She killed Summer out of love for Patrick. She couldn't bare for him to be the father of her child. DJ was pure collateral damage.

Both take a trip to Belize. Taylor realizes that Patrick still holds feelings for Summer and that she will never be loved. That he played her. 

After a nice supper, at the bar, Taylor slips poison into Patrick's drink. He almost drinks it but invites for a midnight swim beforehand. In the water, Patrick drowns Taylor out of rage she killed the only hope he had of playing the role of a father.

He gets back to the beach, smells the drink, smiles and drinks it. 

He walks to his hotel room, gets to the bathroom, looks at himself in the mirror. A tear drop pearls at the corner of his eyes. 

He discovered the emotion of love and sadness. Curious, he peels his face of to understand where in his circuits, that component was installed.


The main character for this project are Summer, DJ, Taylor and Patrick.  


Summer is an ex cheerleader, superficially all american girl. She seeks attention in every way she can get it since her parents have never gave her enough love. They traded it with material gifts. She is a leader and the pushy one of the group. They hang out at her parents pool who are never home. She seems heartless and cold. Her only joy comes from seeing the number of her followers grow. She is addicted to plasticity. When she gives birth to her baby boy, she hates him for not being good enough for social media. She resents the fact that she will have to live with him for the rest of her life. When he dies, we automatically suspect her of the crime. But, in fact, losing her son made her grow a heart and realize that what is really missing in her life is love. 


DJ is a dark hair femme fatale. She seems like a seductive women having any man she wants. Secretly in love with Summer, she does all the girl wants. She will give birth to a lovely child who she will love. Not enough for making her lose her focus. 

She will become more and more jealous of the relationship between Taylor and Summer, imagining a sexual relationship between the two that will drive her to murder. She is not aware that she is but a pion in a game between Taylor and Summer. 


Taylor is the youngest. She is a very boyish looking girl. It almost becomes natural for us to believe that she is, in fact, flirting with Summer. She never wants to experience any sexual fantasies even if Summer and DJ try to push her into have affairs with men. 

She is secretly in love with only one man, Patrick who, manipulated by Summer, broke up with her to be with Summer. When Taylor finds out about the secret affair and the child that came out of it, she will lose her mind. SHe will find a way to kill the child and the woman who made her life miserable. 


Patrick is secretly a AI who wants to understand love and emotions. He is manipulated by Summer and thinks he fell for her. When she tells him he has a son, he rejoices in the possibility to be as human. Devastated by the death of his so called baby, he will seek revenge. He first believes Summer did it but then realizes the true murderer is Taylor.