Time Management Mastery

We all have the same amount of time to our disposal daily, yet some people seem to make the most of it while others waste it. Time is our most precious gift; it can never be replaced. Successful people value their time and know how to use it wisely. Slavica has had an obsession overtime management for the last 15 years, realizing that the only real way to freedom is knowing how to plan, organize and manage time.  She mastered the art of time management and now wants you to do so as well. She gathered some of the most valuable courses into one allowing you to also reach higher levels of success by mastering time management.

The course includes:

  • 20 Videos created with professional slides and a soothing voice 
  • A ton of eBooks
  • Practical Workbooks
  • Progress charts and Worksheets to help you move forward
  • 101 Ways to Save Time Every Day

The topics are:

  • Top 20 Time Management Tips
  • Time Management eBooks and Workbooks
  • Time Management Journals

Videos include:

  • Being on Time and Being Organized
  • 3 Steps to Smart Delegation
  •  3 Time Management Strategies That Really Work
  • 3 Vital Aspects of an Effective Time Management Mindset
  • 5 Simple Yet Effective Time Management Tasks
  • 5 Time Management Traps to Avoid at All Costs
  • 6 Changes to Your Schedule to Help You
  • 6 Time Management Hacks
  • 6 Tips for Organizing Your Office
  • 7 Counter intuitive Time Management Tips
  • The Ivy Lee Method for Time Management
  • Are You on Schedule?
  • You’ve Got Distractions
  • Cross it Off Your List
  • And more…