Book - 101 Easy Ways to Sell More Every Day

There is a lot more competition today than a few years ago. It seems tougher to sell. You need tools that will improve your sales no matter what the economy looks like. You need to be on top of your game and on top of the competition. With 101 Easy Ways to Sell More Every day, you will acquire ways to stand out from your competition. You will learn how to close sales faster and better.

You will learn how to sell in any economy. Whether you are an inside sales person, on the road, in a shoe store or in a car dealership, this book is for you. This is intended to improve sales in any business area, B2B or retail. Selling can be an acquired skill and the more you learn and practice these proven sales techniques, the faster your earning will grow. Successful sales people master these sales techniques and so can you. From prospecting to closing, you can also be the best. If you are in sales, it is because you believe that your worth in terms of income is directly proportionate to your results.

Here, I offer you proven ways for you to better your results fast. There are over 101 ways that you can improve your sales. Use one at a time, practice it until you master it and have it incorporated completely in your day. Then, move to the next one and the next one, until you become the number sales person of your company. Slavica Bogdanov spent 20 years in sales and always top sales person in every company she worked for. She moved quickly in becoming a Sales and Marketing Manager and Business Developer teaching others how to sell.