Book | Attract Love using the Law of Attraction : ''How to'' practical step by step daily guide to get the love you wan

I wanted to enable the greatest number of people to access wealth and abundance that are part of my daily life. I wanted to enable you to have the tools in hand to find the job you dream of and feel successful in your professional life! I, too, struggled once to find a soul mate. Despite the fact that I thought I was nicer than average and even smarter, I remained alone without love. I realized that all these attributes had nothing to do with the attraction of the desired person. I have made many mistakes when it came to meeting the man of my dreams. Like many of you, I lacked self-esteem and self-love. I did not know what I really wanted to have in a relationship. Although I claimed loud that I wanted to live in a relationship, I did not realize that I kept some blockages deep within me. I did not understand why some couples managed to form easily while I could not find a partner. My relationships brought me a lot of pain and I envied couples who seemed happy. I did not know how to communicate my desires to the other person because I did not know how to master my emotions. I often kept my anger deeply rooted in me until I exploded and hurt the other deeply. This way of acting quickly led to the end of the relationship. Instead of openly expressing my desires and my emotions, I used manipulative means (without even realizing it), some passive-aggressive methods to go where I wanted, which was destroying the confidence of my partner . I realized that I was not alone in making these mistakes that prevent the development of a beautiful lasting relationship.

By dint of extensive reading on the subject of research on the law of attraction, on the accumulation of relevant information on the keys to success, I have come to understand and use my method to find me the ideal man. I know you can too. I thought it was too late for me, at my age, all the best were taken and that I had missed the train. It is not like that. When I opened my heart and practiced my method, I began to meet more interesting potential partners than I'd ever imagined.

This book is not meant to explain the rules of seduction between men and women, or how to handle one or the other to have access to their heart. This book was created to help you get you the person of your dreams, to open your heart without fear of being hurt, which will cause the opening of the other person's heart as well. Love is much simpler than you think.

This is acting out of love, with love and for love. Unfortunately, we have been programmed to think about our feelings, thinking about how we need to love, and fear abandonment. With my method, you will learn how to free yourself from these fears. You will develop enough self-confidence and self-esteem to be able to reveal your vulnerability. Thus opening you, the other will be increased to do the same and love yourself. As a professional coach, I wanted to add my most successful coaching methods to offer you the best system to use the Law of Attraction for attracting the perfect partner.