Get the Ideal Job Using the Law of Attraction: ''How to'' practical step by step daily guide to get the job you want

What I offer in this book is not a guide for desperate unemployed. What I offer you is a proven method to use the law of attraction to attract to you all kinds of great circumstances. I want you to use this book to bring to you the job you've always dreamed of and live comfortably with your income. This book is for both job seekers and those who already have a job and want to do better.

No matter where you come from and who you are. Regardless of your past and your education. This book works for everyone. I combined the basic principles of the laws of success and attraction. I added groundbreaking discoveries-that have the potential to propel you to the top. I created a practical guide so that you can incorporate every instruction in your daily routine. Some of the lessons are from borrowed habits of the rich and successful so you know how to live wealthy. Other lessons I developed during my many years of research and experimentation on the laws of attraction and success.