Hell on Earth Screenplay

Sequel to Gateway to Hell
5 protagonists need to find a way to stop a pandemic created by Lucifer. turning humans into demons while he sends his war lords to orchestrate a final coup involving the President of the United States.




On a busy Monday morning, a lot of people are waiting for the train. A man stumbles on the track. SARAH, a rebellious history major, jumps on the rails and saved the man at the last second.

At the same moment, while praying for forgiveness, PAUL a defrocked young priest, is taken back when the walls surrounding him away to transform into a scene of a million year old war between armies of demons, gargoyles and werewolves and armed angels riding on winged unicorns. An atrocious war. The walls return to normal as Paul hears the voice of Archangel Michael warning that this scene could be returning to Earth unless he does something about it.

In another part of town, a very sweet and quiet ANN is leaving the hospital on a wheelchair, having offered half her lung to her dying twin sister.

In his apartment, VLAD, a mercenary can relax after a long day of work, having kidnapped a high profile tyrant.

At the same moment, JOHN, a young fireman, jumps in a building exploding with flames to save trapped innocent victims.

A young man, DAVID, gets shot while robbing a grocery store. An innocent teenager who wanted to be part of the bad boys gang. A mistake he paid with his life.

The heavy rain and storm forces Sarah to take refuge in a large library. When she enters she is greeted by a very old man, JOSEPH, who seems to know her. He invites her to follow him into the basement.

There, she meets with the other heroes. They are taken aback by the introduction of Archangels walking out of walls. There to explain to them the great peril the Earth is in. LUCIFER has created a soul turning machine. He is able to manipulate humans and make them act in devious ways. He obviously wants to transforms Earth into what he likes to call “Hell on Earth”.

MICHAEL, one of the Archangels, explains that the heroes have been chosen to save the planet. Because of the heroism and purity of heart they have expressed during their young lives. they are favored by God to help save our planet, get into hell and destroy Lucifer's machine.

They need to get back home to prepare for their adventure and say their farewells to their parents. Upon her return, Sarah hears from her devastated parents that her brother David was killed. As she lays eye wide open in bed, one of Lucifer's demons comes to taunt her by telling her that her brother is waiting for her in hell. She has no more doubts that she will going to hell to find her brother and defeat Lucifer's plans.

The next morning, the Archangels arm and train our heroes. One thing they need remember. They cannot use their weapons if they feel any negative emotions. The power of their weapon comes from energies of love and they become useless with anger. Even worse, they might even turn against them with negative feelings.

Sarah will carry a sword. Vlad is given fireballs. Ann has the power to heal and offered a bow and arrows. Paul gets the power of magic. John receives a fire proof cape and the power to arise water anywhere.

Once ready, they are offered a key to the Gateway to hell and sent on their way to the pit of the Earth.

They fall on a boulder surrounded with lava. They notice an entrance on the other side of the boulder. They hear strange scary noises in the background.

Vlad jumps on the next rock. He pulls out a hand and catches Sarah who follows right behind him. Sarah turns around and offers a hand to the next person.


Something undulates in the lava. A giant snake circling around the wobbling island where the others are standing. The snake hits the stone pushing Ann off balance. She screams as she's about to fall in the inferno. John catches her at the last second. He picks her up into his arms and jumps on the other side, caught by Vlad.


Vlad throws fire balls in the lava but misses the snake several times which infuriates it. John and Sarah are holding up their hands to catch Paul. Paul's rock is drifting away and sinking rapidly.

John removes his coat and throws it over to Paul. The snake jumps out to catch the coat. Sarah swiftly pulls out the sword from her back and hits the snake's head, wounding it.

The coat transforms into a raft. Paul steps on the coat and climbs on the boulder. John pulls out the coat just as it is being carried away by lava's current. It's on fire. John shakes it off and the fire and lava slide off the coat.

The boulders have drifted and are getting further and further away from the other side of the river of lava leading to the only passage out.

Paul creates a wooden bridge linking every boulder to each other, all the way to of the passage, on the other side.

They all hurry on the first bridge but as they do, it is lowered by their weight, touches the lava and begins to disintegrate. They run across just in time as it vanishes under their feet and disappears behind them.

Inside Lucifer's dining room, a large leather table is set displaying a crystal bowl filled with human sculls. On the wall, pictures of the atomic bomb explosion, Auschwitz concentration camps, Alexandra's library burning, a war between dark lords and angels, angels impaled on long thick spears...

A chopped human hand holds an ashtray where a cigar keeps burning.

A dinosaur's head mounted on the wall. Bottles of scotch and vodka on the table. Large steaks in plates. A loud guttural voice resonates shaking the walls, Lucifer is aware, he knows they have entered his world.


A dark tall and wide tunnel open up in front of the heroes. Menacing black stalactites and stalagmites surround them on each side, above and under their feet. The walls are dripping wet.

Screams, metallic pulleys, chains, short bursts of fire explosions and growling can be heard in the distance. Walls shadows are moving around them.

Ann aims with her finger and a light shines in the direction of the ceiling. It is filled with cockroaches, millipedes, and other large insects crawling one of top of the other. A millipede falls on Ann's neck. She screams and the light goes out.

Vlad looks down. The floor is moving filled with snakes. He throws a few balls in front of them which explode and burn a way through.


They move forward fighting off insects, snakes and slime crawling up their feet and dripping on their necks. As Vlad, turns his head, a gigantic spider appears around the corner behind them.


They run through the burning passage way as Vlad sends more balls behind them to prevent the spider to follow them. The passage leads to a cross road with a multitude of tunnels going up and down, left and right. They take the inclined left passage going down towards a larger area.


In the quiet large library, Joseph is reading Dante's Inferno for the thousand's time. Archangel Michael gets out of the book, pushing between two pages.


Other Archangels and angels appear around Joseph. A few fairies fly around them, humming enchanting songs. The clock on the wall indicates that our heroes have been gone for several hours already.

The cave our heroes are in is wide and hundred feet tall showing holes in the walls left and right. It is dark and wet.


Deep loud breaths of a larger animal resonate closer and closer. Out the darkness and mist, on the other side of the cave, a large dragon appears. Tall, red and green, large wings, blowing steam through its nostrils. His eyes are bloody purple. Ann pulls out of the bow from her back. Sarah pulls out her sword. John opens his coat, moves his hands to call on the others.


The dragon approaches walking heavily, moving its tale right and left. It has a large triangular pointy

heavy metallic gold end to it which it lifts and drops at every step. It stops. Looks down at the group of very small humans.


John's coat and hands provide a rounded shield of protection against the flames. John takes one step back and then another, fighting the beast's blasts.

The dragon stops blowing for a second to take a deep breath. Sarah gets out from behind the coat and runs at full speed toward the dragon.


Sarah jumps on the walls and climbs higher and higher. She leaps on the dragon's back. The dragon stops blowing flames, shakes and jumps to get rid of Sarah, making the cave tremble as well sending snakes off the ceiling and into the crowd.

Sarah jams her sword in the dragon's neck. Ann shoots arrows at the dragon.


Vlad sends a fire ball on the dragon but it bounces back hits all the wall bouncing everywhere and comes back full speed towards Vlad who ducks right on time.


A gurgling noise is heard, coming out of the dragon's throat. It shakes his head, steps back a couple of times. Steam comes out of the dragon's, then smoke.


Sarah stabs it in the head and the dragon falls to the ground, steaming water pouring out of its mouth.

Paul shaking his wand, makes a bouquet of fake flowers appear out of it. Sits down, head between his legs in desperation.

Meanwhile, dark lords are all standing in Lucifer's ''meeting hall'', a dark room where walls are encrusted with human skulls. A large mahogany table ornates its center with 12 seats where Lucifer's closest allies and most powerful demons take place. On one of the walls, hangs a large antique oval mirror showing no reflection. A tall shape is standing in front of it. Lucifer's back is turned. His cape's color is a mix of black and red, coming down to the snake covered stone floor . Horns stick out of his head. Black long folded wings pierce out of his back.

Sitting at the table, 6 dark lords. MERIHEM head wears huge horns. FORNEUS is shriveled and scarred, watching without eyes. GORGON has snakes coming out of his shoulders. ABRAXAS's head is covered with his hooded cape. LEVIATHAN is a human shaped reptile, scales covering his body. MORAX's appearance shift changes, a sexy woman, a wealthy man, a lion.


In the darkness of Dragon's den, our companions' sleep unaware that they became more vulnerable to devil's temptations. Their fears, worries and doubts emerge as the fortress of their conscious mind is breached as they sink deeper into sleep.


Abraxas comes to taunt Sarah again. the others have also they sleep disrupted by demons' intrusions.


Parts of John's face darken, his eyes turn to a glowing lime green. Ann touches his face and he becomes normal again but her body fades, slowly disappearing in John's arms. She faints, falling to the floor. Paul stares in dismay.


They leave the cave. A few feet into the passage, a ten story deep drop awaits them. Only a tiny rope woven bridge creates a way to the other side.

They turn around and walk back but they end up facing a stone wall.

John walks in front of Vlad and takes the first step. The bridges shakes and rocks. Some of the wooden planks are missing.

The precipice seems endless, the sides are made of sharp blades of steel and rocks.

They walk carefully.


Loud eagle type screeching sounds are heard. Paul still holding Ann looks up. A swarm of pterodactyls rushes through the air. It aims at the group on the bridge.


Sarah pulls out her sword and waves it, hitting some of the birds who twirl down crashing on the sides of the walls which rip them opened.


Vlad is throwing fireballs at the birds. Some burst into flames and hit the razor blade sharp walls.

Ann difficulty holding her balance pulls out her bow and arrows and shoots at them. One is hit and smashes on the bridge braking it half.


They all fall on the sides of the wall. Paul screams as his arms and legs get cut. Vlad used his shield against the wall as Sarah falls on top of him. A blade pierces through the shield. Ann's white dress is covered in her blood.

John holds a rope by a thread. Birds circulate and attack. Sarah chops one in half. Paul takes his wand out of his backpack and aims at a bird. The pterodactyl becomes a dinosaurs, a giraffe, a camel. Finally the bird transforms into a blue jay flying off and getting eaten by another bird.

Ann closes her eyes, focuses as her body becomes brighter and brighter. The light is so luminous that the birds are blinded by it and smash into walls right and left.

The last bird hits a walls next to John causing him to lose his grip. Paul's hand reaches out and touches Ann leg. His wounds heal quasi instantly. Ann's light diminishes rapidly. Paul pulls out his wand and squints his eyes. Out of it comes out a a thick rope. He throws it up transforming it into a thick latter.

They all climb up the rope


Meanwhile, Michael interrupts the other angels playing a game of angel-demon monopoly. They are trying to pass time worried about the heroes.

RAPHAEL, the healing angel senses our heroes are in danger. He feels Ann will die if he doesn't intervene. They usually have not been able to penetrate the walls of hell but he has a special connection with Ann. He saves her life.


The heroes walk through a short tunnel leading them to a huge underground dark cavern opens up with a lake in its center. Around it, more tunnels accessible only by water.

The cave is dark but the water is illuminated by white large fish swimming around. As the fish light up a part of the cave or another, the light reflects on the surface of the cave where demons and gargoyles statues are sitting on boulders and rocks. The cave floor is made of black coal.


Vlad points to the wand. Paul sighs. As the fish swim faster, the flashing light on the walls gives the impression that the gargoyles are moving. Ann is stumping her feet. Paul is looking around at his feet and then at his wand.

They embark on the raft, Paul created.


The current carries them across the cave. Behind them, on the side of the cave, the gargoyles and demons come alive and follow them. The current becomes more rapid as they turn a corner of the underground lake. In the darkness, the shimmering light of the fish indicates a rapid decline in the stream, rapids and a water fall.


Vlad plunges his hands in the water to paddle upstream. A big fish's mouth opens up full of razors sharp teeth and bites close to Vlad just he pulls his hand out.


The fish are biting into the ropes and the raft is holding by a thread. A piece of it detaches and rapidly moves into the fall. It vanishes in a burst as water engulfs it.


They rapidly approach a clearing in the rocks allowing them to get off the raft. Vlad jumps off, making the decomposing craft spin out of control.


John jumps off and helps Vlad steady the raft. The fish teeth eat at the ropes under the water. The raft is pulled apart. Ann is pushed out by Paul. Sarah stands up and gives a hand to Vlad who pulls her out.

Paul loses balance as the raft disintegrates throwing his wand on the shore. He falls in the water. The fish swim massively towards him, surround, bite his flesh. He screams. The water turns to blood. Paul vanishes in the falls.

Meanwhile, a large torture chamber is set. Chains, pulleys, ax...

Potions on shelves. Two werewolves yanking at their chains, snapping their jaws.

Lucifer is moving his hands. A woman figure undresses as he does. She shakes her head left and right as if in a trance. Lucifer waves his hands faster provoking her fall to the ground. Half naked, she gets up walks towards him as if under a spell. He caresses her hair and her breast, kisses her shoulder. Lifts her up and twirls with her in the air.

As he does, she ondulates her body as if he was making love to her. He wraps his long coat around her, twirling faster and faster then, abruptly, stops. She falls to the ground, dead. He wipes his mouth with his hand and walks away, unleashing the werewolves who jump on her to eat her alive.

He claps his hands summoning two demons who rush in. Cloaked in black, hooded capes; they bow in front of him. He points to the girl. They take her remains out of the room.

The heroes sit on the side of the cave looking at the current, exhausted and devastated. Seing Paul devoured and engulfed left them all in doubt.

Hell has taken over their feelings and infiltrated their souls. Fears and doubts fill their minds as they feel the need to sleep and offer their vulnerable subconscious to the forces of evil.

Silence invades the gloomy foggy space between our heroes. They all think the same but no one dares to pronounces the words. They are losing faith. They left hope somewhere on the raft and it crashed down with Paul. Morbid thoughts invade their minds. Negative images of all their past mistakes and wrong doings invade their tortured minds. Guilt seeps through their veins. Our heroes are unaware of their slipping into evil. They are drawn to the forces of evil since they feel light has forsaken them.

Our companion are all turning dark. Perhaps, they have stayed in hell too long and are themselves transforming into demons. They might turn easily with the some help. Times passes as our friends have sunk into a deep dangerous sleep. They had not been warned that it would them more vulnerable to becoming that which they have fought.


Sarah wakes up startled and grabs Vlad's arm. The demon slides out of view into the darkness. She looks around. John and Ann are asleep. A light shines on Vlad's eyes. The reflection of the large army knife he is sharpening. His glance terrifies Sarah. His is definitely not mentally present. He smiles viciously and grabs her arm forcing her to lay on the floor. Her screams are muttered by his other hand. She fights back but he has the advantage. He kneels on her keeping her pined to the ground. Sarah searches left and right. She sees Paul's wand barely out of reach. Vlad bends over, kissing Sarah on the neck. She wriggles her way closer to the only weapon available, her sword being out of reach. Vlad brings the knife to Sarah's jugular. Sarah stretches an inch more, grabs the wand and hits Vlad on the head.

He falls to the ground semi conscious. She gets up, takes the knife from his hand and sits on his menacing him with it. He opens his eyes, surprised to see Sarah in a threatening posture, does a scissor kick which sends her to the floor. He sees the terror in her eyes and realizes she might have been defending herself. Not certain what just happened as he asks,

As Vlad tries to understand what could lead Sarah's actions, he sees John picking up Ann who still asleep has no idea her life is in danger. Sleepwalking, he gets to the edge of the rapids ready to dump her body in. Vlad jumps on his making them all fall to the ground. He understands he might have done the same with Sarah.


Ann wakes up and screams calling to their reason and deep feeling of righteousness. They come back alive, having won over their inner demons.


Sarah points to a passage near the waterfall.

From the darkness of the tunnel and around them on the walls, demons and gargoyles surround them and rush towards them in leaps and bounds.

Sarah lifts her sword just in time as a demon jumps close to her face. She slashes through it. Vlad shoots out balls of fire from both hands. They are killing them rapidly yet more and more arrive and soon the tunnel is full of the monsters. John picks up Paul's wand, closes his eyes and breaths deeply.


A roaring sound is heard, louder and louder. Gargoyles screams follow. A wave of water comes inside the tunnel and swipes the walls clean. The water stops rising at the feet of the heroes and pulls out immediately taking the demons with it.


Sarah pulls out a large key. Ann takes a step back. The tall door of Hell squeaks. As it opens up, a side of a wall appears with torches lighten up.


Humans are laying in circles, on their backs, suspended in mid air. A cord appears to be attached to the back of each person's neck. Thousands, perhaps millions, converging to different central control post.


Ann gasps as she recognizes her sister laying among the living dead. They also recognize a notorious Senator.

Noises and screams emerge from behind a corner. Sarah and Vlad walk towards cautiously the screams and take a peak. Sarah muffles a scream has she recognizes her brother being tortured by a demon, forced to give up his soul and join the other corpses.

David is tortured by having his leg cut off and grow back endlessly until he agrees to let go of his soul.

Incapable of watching the endless torture, Sarah charges out with her sword held high.


The gargoyles attack her but she slaughters them. David attempts to get up but falls to the floor holding his leg in pain. The demon walks towards Sarah, smiling,


A fight between demons and our heroes erupts.


Vlad turns his body and aims the wand towards the high ceiling in the direction of where are the cables (emerging from the floating dead bodies) converge.


A large blasting electromagnetic force comes out of the wand in the direction of the ceiling followed by an explosion. The ceiling cracks and brakes. Demons and gargoyles come out of every room and passageway. They charge towards our heroes. The dead humans wake up and fight as well alongside our heroes.


In his office, Senator Callahan shakes his head as if awakening from a bad dream. He looks around at the pile of papers around him. He pulls one out, reads it and rips it to shreds, calls the President.


The walls of hell are coming down on our heroes while they fight vigorously against demons, werewolves and gargoyles.

Lucifer's hand points to the walls and they become red with burning coals. The entire large room fills with fire. John fights back by filling the room with water.

They notice an exit between the walls. They run towards it.

A twenty foot stone ogre comes out of the walls. Carrying a large mace, he blocks the way out.

Ann closes her eyes and grows taller and taller. Her hair grows longer. Her white dress shining bright. She grows to the ogre's height and looks at him in the eyes.

The ogre's hand let's go of his mace. His eyes close half way and he smiles, charmed by Ann's beauty. Ann kicks him between the legs. The ogre falls to his knees.


The grotto is filled with stalagmites and stalactites. The water pushes them out. They are thrown with force to the ground. The cave is large enough that the water evacuates easily.


They lay on the floor, catching their breaths.

Sarah crawls to her brother and holds him tight. The woman saved by Vlad is laying on her back, a


Lucifer turns around and throws a lightening ball at Abraxas. Angry to have lost his machine, he declares war on Earth,


In a corner of the grotto, light shines in. Flickering outside some leaves of a forest tree. A butterfly flies in and out. All humans except for the woman Vlad saved and David run outside into the light. Sarah jumps up lifting her sword in the air.


The sound of rocks moving in the darkness of the grotto make them stop. A dark shape moves. A form appears in the light. Paul is alive. Ann screams and runs towards him with open arms. She kisses him passionately. The others run to him and pat him.


Rocks and boulders come crashing out of the passage they came down from.

Vlad grabs the woman by the hand and runs towards the light.

Ann hugs and kisses Paul passionately. He hugs her strongly against him.


Paul and Ann walk out into the forest.


Sarah, David and John are laughing walking towards the light.

Vlad runs in and stands in front of Sarah. He exlains that once they come out, the dead become dead again.

Sarah has to say her goodbye to her brother as he won't come out of the cave alive for long.


As he steps out, he is taken by the light and disappears. Sarah is pleased that she was able to say her farewells before he passed.


Michael and the other angles come out of the forest preparing a feast to celebrate our heroes victory.


They are all sit down. Vlad starts telling the story of their adventures. Michael smiles and nods. Joseph cuts into the lamb. John caresses Sarah's hair. Paul turns his head.

He smiles mischievously. His eyes blink and blink again as a snake. Their colors turn black and then red just as Lucifer's.



Logline: 5 protagonists need to find a way to stop a pandemic created by Lucifer. turning humans into demons while he sends his war lords to orchestrate a final coup involving the President of the United States. 


Following the destruction of Lucifer's soul changing machine, Lucifer creates a vaccine to transform humans into demons. Sarah feels something is wrong has she experiences a hallucination during which she sees demons of all sizes and shapes taking over New York city. Vlad is ordered a kill out of the ordinary. His mission is to get rid of a target who contributes positively to the world. His refusal to follow order makes him a target. He finds out that the order came from the White House and that the President is involved. He knows he has to stop her understanding she is manipulated by Lucifer. 

Paul tells Sarah about the vaccine. Military personal are used to distribute the vaccine to a maximum of individuals risking to transform Earth into Hell. Archangel Michael helps Sarah and Paul to get armed to destroy the base where a majority of vaccines are stored. Meanwhile demons are increasing in numbers all over the world. Sarah has to face her shaken faith. 

Paul and Ann are distributing vaccines. Paul has been turned and convinced Ann to follow his path. 
Logline: 5 protagonists need to find a way to stop a pandemic created by Lucifer. turning humans into demons while he sends his war lords to orchestrate a final coup involving the President of the United States. 

One of Lucifer's demon lords has subdued the President into giving him the codes to launch missiles and create a world war to enable demons and Lucifer to take over the planet. 


After fighting numerous guards, Vlad is able to save the President and the planet by disabling the missiles just in time. Sarah is captured and next in line to be vaccinated. 


John and Vlad arrive right on time to free her. Paul, with the power of love he feels for Ann, gets back to being himself and decides to save Sarah but Ann is not Ann. She is actually Judith, Ann evil twin. She kills Paul. He ends up in Hell facing an eternity of pain and torture. In the midst of his pain he brakes into asking for forgiveness and that demand gets him out of hell and back into his body. Sarah is healed from the vaccine with holy water. Understanding its power, it is sprayed through the world to heal people who can still be helped while some have been turned indefinitely. The war goes on at the end of this second chapter. The story ends with Lucifer playing with Judith, in Hell. Or it is Ann. We will need to wait to the third chapter to find out.